Book Introduction:

KIPS Mathematics book For Entry Test has been ready with special care to give help the students of FSc to prepare them for the Board papers and the Entry Tests for getting admission to the Professional Institutions of Higher Education. Mathematics subject is the abstract science of number, quantity, and space, as applied to other disciplines such as physics and Engineering. It is a very important branch of Science.

You have many options for preparation items in the shape of hard copy like books etc. The question is that why should you consult an ebook of Mathematics for the entry test. It is a very important and genuine question. The books and other printed notes have their own weight-age. KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test arranges complete preparation things is one place, Some notes may also be available on different websites. KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test saves a lot of time which you can give to improve your preparation for the exam. After downloaded this E-Book, you do not need to remain connected. Self- Analysis mechanism with results gives included importance to this Kips E-Book which works offline to make easy the students in the evaluation of their preparation report.

KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test

The texture of the Ebook:

This Ebook has three parts,

Preparation Part:

The preparation area of KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test has been arranged two parts, The first part is Chapter Wise MCQs for intermediate students, and the second part is Mix of all Chapters MCQs. Part first is further divided into two parts and MCQs are made Chapter wise, but Part-I from 1st year Class Syllabus and Part-II from 2nd year Class Syllabus. In the second part, selected MCQs Mix of all Chapters from both years are added to give help to the students. Mathematics Syllabus for ECAT is your Fsc Course of Mathematics. It is important to prepare better for Mathematics to score well in the upcoming ECAT entry test. If you have any problems so you can highlight important points then make it clear.
The tricks are different in chapter form. So, you can easily evaluate the document. Students remember this practice makes you perfect. So, you need a lot of practice of MCQ’s.

Self Analysis part:

This part of the KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test is organized into three parts, First part for 11th Class and 2nd Part for 12th Class and the 3rd part is Mix from 11th & 12th Class.  In this part, MCQs are given in a Self-testing mechanism from different chapters. At the end of each Test Practice, the option to calculate score has been given to check the progress of students’ preparation. The students can also save the result of their practice on to your own computer for betterment in the preparation.

KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test

Mistakes of Study Supplement:

In this part of the Kips, Mathematics E-Book is adding for the provision of Supplementary Study stuff to the students. In this part including the tips for a time set during your exam and at last achieving success. Some useful tools like Aggregate Calculator, abstract science of number, quantity, and Units for weighing in various systems are given in this Mathematics E-Book.

Subject Matter Features:

  • Complete stuff:  The Kips Mathematics E-Book for Entry Tests and Board Exams give a complete separate syllabus of Fsc. Struggles and hard work have been made to add MCQ from each line of both the parts. Tricks for Mathematics, a very helpful for Entry Tests. This note contains different tricks to solve the questions of the Mathematics part in the Entry Test in a very short time.
  • Separate Parts: In this kips Mathematics E-Book for Entry Tests, the syllabus of both parts has been kept separate to make it equally useful for the students taking board exams of Part-I. It is made Chapter-wise to ensure progressive and complete preparation of the entire syllabus.
  • Structure of the book:  This kips Mathematics E-Book for Entry Tests has been structured into two main parts, The first part name is “Preparation parts” and the 2nd part name is“Self Testing parts”. This type of structure gives help and the complete preparation for success in the Entry tests and exams. Firstly you to complete your preparations in the “Preparation part” then you are going to the “self-testing part”.
KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test
  • Mix MCQs part: If you want to analyze to your self then the Mix MCQs part has been added to give a real exam feeler. After you have to complete your entire syllabus you can check the result of your preparation.
KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test
  • Separate Answers are Provide:  In the “Preparation part’ the answers have been given separately in this ebook for entry tests and exams.
  • Mistakes of Study Supplement: This part of the Kips Mathematics E-Book for Entry Tests has been added to give extra material.
  • Results:  In this ebook, you must record the results of your test practices and students have also been added to allow them to accept and overcome the mistake in the preparations afterward.
KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test

Design Features:

  • Main and left Panels:  The Kips Mathematics E-Book for Entry Tests has been divided into two Panels, ‘Left Panel’ and ‘Main Panel’. Left panels mainly act as a list. The study contents in the Main Panel for Preparations and self-testing. The Contents in the Left Panel can be increased and closed as desired by pressing on + and – signs.
  • Easy to Use:  Every part is reachable just on one click in the Mathematics E-Book for Entry Tests.
  • Complete Syllabus on One Page:  In the preparation part, the complete syllabus of Part-I and Part-II is provided on one page. In the Self Testing part, the Test Practices of each Chapter are provided on one page. Just click on the chapter and see the title name and view the content on the same page.
  • Background Color:  For preparation and Self-testing you can choose and adjust the background color of your own selection as you like.
  • Search:  The option to search and find a different word and phrase from the entire book has been given to selected reading and solution.
KIPS Mathematics Book For Entry Test

Internet Connectivity:

  • The book and activation process is needed for only downloading.
  • If your Registration has been activated after downloading the Ebook, then no internet connection is needed.

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