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ISSB Test Information:

ISSB Book by Dogar Free helps students to get a recommendation letter from ISSB. Thousands of students add each year for ISSB and only a few students are selected from them. If you want to get a recommendation letter from ISSB then you have to work hard and prepare the test better. You do not only prepare mentally test you are must ready physically as well because during your stay at ISSB there are taking both mental and physical tests.

Now you can easily get complete information on the guidance of ISSB from our website. You can get all samples of test material for the preparation of different types of ISSB tests like word association test, sentence completion test, picture story writing, etc.

Our preparation material adds the best up to date books, ISSB practice, MCQs, Sample Papers, Preparation notes and helping material. All material is made perfect and as like to the new pattern for those who are going to apply in the ISSB Test. These books and notes will be helpful in the practice of solving questions in any one section from any one subject.

During the test, the time setting is better. You will know about the ISSB test & ISSB interview preparation books, which will enhance the chances of your success. Now you can easily free download these books online sitting at home.

ISSB Test Preparation Success:

The competition level of the ISSB Test can be very high because a thousand numbers of students are applying in this test. Without a lot of pressure, on you, it is very important to have positive thoughts and attitudes to face the challenge of this test. Your first step towards this success You have a strong dedication, Full attention, and the right attitude, are the most important points. 

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ISSB Test Subject:

You have to prepare the test in these subjects by the best preparation, you can free download online:

  • Islamic General Knowledge Test
  • General Knowledge Test Urdu
  • General Knowledge Initial Test
  • Chemistry Test
  • Biology Test
  • Physics Test
  • English Test
  • Rank Badges Order Test
  • Verbal Test
  • Non-Verbal Test
  • Intelligence Test
  • English Story Writing Test
  • Mathematics Test
  • Pak studies Test
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Test Updates:

  • Date Line
  • ISSB Books
  • Entry Test Dates
  • Result Dates

Key points of ISSB Book by Dogar Free:

  • To be sure you give the interviewer your full attention. 
  • Before you answer the question, wait for them to finish speaking.
  • Write the full answer according to your mental level.
  • Do not copy any material.
  • To make sure your answer is short and to the point.
  • You have a very short time so try to complete your test.
  • If you complete your test and save your time so read your test again.
  • Smiling on your face is a good positive signal.
  • Maintain your eye contact during the interview. 
  • Make your self relax do not rush. 
  • Maintain your alert position, sit up straight, do not slump, but be comfortable.
  • Be confident and honest attitude.

ISSB Book by Dogar Free Download Pdf:


These main points and some ideas of subjects material and information about the interview are very important for you. We hope you must read all the points and it proves useful to you. We wish our information makes you successful.

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