General Knowledge MCQS for Latest FBR Test Preparation

If you are preparing for FBR Tests, then Jobify Pakistan is here to help you out. Federal Board of Revenue jobs were recently advertised through OTS. Many of friends are asking for FBR Test Preparation material. Here is the first part of preparation materials for FBR Tests. The FBR test preparation material contain General Knowledge MCQS

General Knowledge MCQS for Latest FBR Test Preparation

The FBR Test will be conducted by OTS in upcoming days. It is necessary to prepare well for the test to become shortlisted for next phase. If you are one of those who wants to become an FBR employee than download or read the MCQs for FBR test.

Read Here: General Knowledge MCQS for FBR Test Preparationtion

How to Download?

By clicking on the link, a google drive file will be opened. This file will show all the data extracting from past papers of OTS.  You can download it by clicking on download button given at the top right corner of the page.

Any Suggestion?

If you need test preparation material for any of upcoming test, then ping us with your comment or email. Our team will respond to your request and would upload the related test material as early as possible. Feel free to contact us.

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