ECAT Past Paper Physics 2017 is important guide line for pre engineering students. ECAT is pre admission test conducted every year in Punjab universities of engineering and technology to test the ability of pre engineering student. The test is conducted to check the competence of student and its memory.

The test is done under the guidance and governance of University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. The university has made different location and its test center all across the Punjab to help them out.

we are uploading the Past ECAT paper of physics to help the pre engineering student to test their ability in Physics. There are two books for physics ECAT test preparation. one book is physics 11 and other is  Physics 12.

Test includes 30 Mcqs from both books and make 120 total marks from the total number of test. every mcqs compromise of 4 marks. if the individuals attempt any mqcs wrongly , he will get negative marks , which make -5 deduction.

All students of pre engineering know that test is on head, Competent students are working hard to solve their test ability issues.

To get best result , every student must solved more and more old papers. old papers are the key guidance for any test in the world. they help out the student that what will appear in their coming test. All academies in Pakistan like Kips , Star and Global etc are taking advantage of past paper. their guidelines see the trend that which chapter is repeating more and more? which formula is more used in the past papers.

if you can solve more than 10 past papers of last years, you have good preparation. the academies do nothing , they just have guide lines, and you people can take guide line online. so do not only trust on the academy , you must have good memory and revision to secure good marks.

We are uploading the ECAT past paper 2017 for physics subject which will help you get good result and become familiar with the test trend.

                 ECAT Past Paper Physics 2017 PDF Download Now

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