Detail Syllabus of CSS Exam

CSS exams for Central Superior Service Exam are taken by Federal Public Service and
Islamabad for the recruitment of candidates to the post of BS-17. When it comes to syllabus
process it is revised after some years since the last syllabus was revised in 2015. The new syllabus is revised for the new exams and both new and previous students have to follow it. This syllabus is the road map for the students who want to achieve good grades in CSS exams. Not just this syllabus helps to get the best results but also helps the candidate to prepare well.

The syllabus includes the subjects that are subjected to compulsory as well as optional. The optional subjects are also divided into different subjects from where you can choose your particular subjects. Each candidate has to select a particular subject and each category has marked out of 100.

As days are passing CSS exams have been tougher than the reason many candidates get stuck into the syllabus things. To make there work easier this syllabus is collected just for them to provide them with better results. Not just that you don’t have to spend lots of time while searching for the syllabus our website is the best place where you can find the syllabus easily.

 Optional subjects have a total of 600 marks. You can choose 100 marks each. One paper has carried 100 marks and the other carry 200 marks.

Compulsory Subjects  

Subjects Marks
English Essay 100
General Science 100
Current Affairs 100
Pakistan Affairs 100
Islamic studies or Comparative study 100
Major Religion 100
Total marks 600


Optional Subjects

Accounting & Auditing200
Economics 200
Computer Science200
Political Science 200
International Relations 200
Subjects Marks
Physics 200
Applied Mathematics 100
Pure Mathematics100
Geology 100
Subjects Marks
Business Administration200
Public Administration200
Governance & Public Policies 100
Town Planning & Urban Management 100
Subjects Marks
History of Pakistan & India 100
Islamic history & Culture 200
British History100
European History 100
Subjects Marks
Constitutional Law 200
International Law 100
Muslim Law 100
Mercantile Law100
Criminology 100
Philosophy 100
Subjects Marks
Journalism 100
Psychology 200
Anthropology 100
Punjabi 100
Sindhi 100
Pashto 100
Persian 100


  1. All the subjects carry 100 marks and have one paper. On the other hand, those that are optional ones carry 200 marks each.
  2. Question papers are in Urdu and also in regional languages. You can choose the paper according to your language.
  3. There will be 200 MCQs in all the compulsory paper except the paper of Essay.