CSS Syllabus


CSS Syllabus which is known as Central Superior Services which is responsible for running. CSS exams and few of them $ualify you can marks in this exam only with proper efforts and order to effectively prepare for the CSS proper stately and timetable are required you have to follow good books and study material you have to draw a good strategy for the compulsory subjects and Optional subjects take your time to prepare for English current affairs and Pakistan affairs read the newspapers every day keep in touch with all the current problems life. You should have analytical skills in order to solve the CSS Syllabus Download examination have tried to gather as much information as possible about the books that should be consulted! during your CSS exam preparation.

CSS Syllabus

CSS exams assess the knowledge of students about CSS Syllabus Download. These Compulsory subjects topic and covers the range of burning problems of the country and globally. It consists of MCQs, a short description and long description questions of Compulsory Subjects and optional subjects Syllabus. These are important subjects because you can get high marks in the subject with proper preparation.

Book Content:

  • CSS Guide
  • Test Preparation Guide
  • Complete Subject
  • Topic Details
  • Proper Table of Contents
  • Past Papers Guide

Test Preparation:

You have many options for preparation content in the shape of hard copy like books etc. The question is that why should you consult the CSS Syllabus Download for the entry test. It is a very important and genuine question. CSS Syllabus Download for Entry Test arranges complete preparation things is one place, Some notes may also be available on different websites. CSS Syllabus Download Books for Entry Test saves a lot of time which you can give to improve your preparation for the exam.

After downloading this book, you do not need to remain connected. Self- Analysis mechanism with results gives included importance to this CSS Syllabus for CSS which works offline to make easy the students in the evaluation of their preparation report.CSS Syllabus best book and to the point books for preparation for compulsory subjects. If you want to pass the CSS exam so you have to study and prepare well for the exam. You must take your time out and make a proper schedule for preparation.

Subject Objectives:

  • Students should be able to find their way around in the main reference works on CSS Syllabus Download.
  • They are hopeful to earn an acquaintance with the most important political and civilizational developments in Pakistan.
  • They should be able to have an informed opinion on the main ideological debates concerning Islamic societies during these centuries.
  • They should be able to benefit from the methodological approaches adopted in these tests and apply them for their own studies.

Learning Objectives of Compulsory Subjects:

  • Demonstrate the use of a base of historical thinking to understand human societies.
  • Display a critical knowledge of the methodological assumptions.
  • Historical narratives that inform contemporary discourses on history.
  • Demonstrate common skills in the comprehension and assessment of primary sources.
  • Relevance in the context of historical information.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make interpretive historical narratives drawing on the primary.

The idea of Compulsory Book: 

This CSS Syllabus Download makes a different idea ‘when everyone is doing the work hard how will you get an edge’. Yes, we make sure this book is your smart choice and it will give you the edge to successfully for the examination. There are some important features that you will make sure that this book is your smart choice.

CSS Syllabus

CSS Subjects:

CSS subjects are divided into two Parts:

  1. Compulsory Subjects
  2. Optional Subject

Compulsory Subjects:

  • Islamiat
  • English Precise
  • Essay
  • Every Day Science
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Current Affairs
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology
  • Journalism
  • Geography
  • International Relation
  • Comprehensive General Knowledge

CSS Optional Subjects:

  • Accountancy & Auditing
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Geology
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Governance & Public Policies
  • Town Planning & Urban Management
  • History of Pakistan & India
  • Islamic History & Culture | MCQs
  • British History
  • European History
  • History of the USA
  • Gender Studies
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • English Literature
  • Urdu Literature
  • Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • International Law Notes MCQs
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence
  • Mercantile Law Notes
  • Criminology
  • Philosophy
  • Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Psychology
  • Geography  MCQs
  • Sociology  Notes
  • Anthropology
  • Punjabi
  • Sindhi
  • Pashto
  • Balochi
  • Persian
  • Arabic

Marks division:

  • 80 marks questions
  • 20 marks objective
  • 40 marks are necessary for passing compulsory subjects
  • Pakistan affairs, current affairs, General Science & Ability has combined marks 300
  • Marks out of which 120 marks are necessary for passing
  • Passing each subject is necessary
  • 600 marks are required for interview
  • 12 groups of service.
  • A candidate can avail 3 total chances

Competitive Exams:

You should check the syllabus of this subject for CSS Syllabus Download Exams. It is different from conventional education and tests knowledge of CSS Syllabus in a great manner. CSS is a top-level competitive examination. The test is conducted by CSS. Registration for CSS 2020 is online where you can select your subjects and can prepare accordingly. You have to select CSS Syllabus according to your choice. All the books related to CSS Syllabus are available.

Test Contents:

  • Written Test
  • Psychological Test
  • Interviews


  • All according to new CSS Syllabus
  • Major Concepts
  • To the point Study Material
  • MCQs
  • Syllabus Coverage
  • Model Paper
  • Interview Tips


  • The student must-have the second division in M.A. / M.Sc. or equivalent degree with the same division.
  • The age of the male student should not be more than 33 years.
  • The age of the female student should not be more than 36 years.
  • The student who is eligible for the special quota can apply for the concerned quota.
CSS Syllabus

CSS Syllabus Download:

When you tap on the download then a new tab will be open in the browser. Here you will the download button. This file opens in the pdf format. This file easily downloads in your mobile and keep safe in your mobile memory storage. After this procedure, you can easily study this stuff at any time and any place. If you want to old paper for preparation for the entry test. If you do not face any issues from our website then share our website on social media platforms. Students can easily download. If you want to apply for CSS 2020 you can start preparation right now. We at Pakistan Test Books offer the best books for CSS 2020 Preparation. You can select books according to your syllabus.