CSS Subject Selection Guide is given in this article. The most important problem that CSS Students face is how to select optional subjects among a large number of subjects. Students are advised to locate their aptitude with this connection. These CSS Subject Selection Guide can be a meaningful, a tool for the students preparing for the exams in general. It is especially for the students who have not extra knowledge about it. Some student is going to college and school with interest for them to the preparation of the CSS exams.

CSS Subject Selection Guide

CSS Subjects Selection:

  • Professional Students
  • Non-Professional Students
  • Ranking of CSS Optional Subjects
  • Combination of Subjects
  • Inter-related Subjects
  • CSS Subjects Selection List

Professional Candidates:

  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Other Professionals

Non-Professional Candidates:

Student’s backgrounds of Social Sciences have a great advantage to choose optional subjects as they have different types of subjects of their interest.


  • Political Science makes the choice of International Relations, International law, Constitutional Law, Public Administration, Journalism, or Sociology very advisable and natural.
  • History can be coupled with any one or two from amongst Muslim Law and Jurisprudence, Constitutional law, International Law, Sociology, Journalism.
  • Accountancy or economics can be taken with Statistics, Mercantile Law, Computer Science, and Sociology.
  • Any Science subject or Law or Literature as main can be opted with suitable supporting subjects to make 600 marks.
  • Two main subjects can opt together Geography with History or Political Science and any two from International Relations, Sociology, Journalism, Constitutional Law, or International Law.
CSS Subject Selection Guide

CSS Exams Detail:

The students has to appears in the following four parts;

  • Written test
  • Medical test
  • Psychological test
  • Viva


  • All according to new CSS Syllabus
  • Major Concepts
  • To the point Study Material
  • MCQs
  • Syllabus Coverage
  • Model Paper
  • Interview Tips
  • Model Question
  • Major Concepts Of Pakistan Affairs
  • All according to new CSS Syllabus


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