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CSS Psychology Books PDF is an important content for all entry test. This book achieves the goals by presenting concise, straight-forward concepts, definitions, key terms, and illustrations according to the new syllabus of CSS psychology book. Unnecessary material does not include in this book. To make sure that the hopeful of CSS could prepare for the examination easily. CSS Psychology Books PDF has recently published the substantial changes to the syllabus for CSS exams. The syllabus for “Competitive Psychology” has been changed like all other subjects. So this CSS Psychology Books PDF has been published keeping in view the needs. The book has been written and conducted to meet the expanding requirements of the hoppers.

CSS Psychology Books PDF Download

Psychology CSS Syllabus:

CSS Psychology Books PDF Syllabus is available here. The student will be want to display in-depth knowledge of basic Psychology concepts, Nature and Scope of Psychology, Biological Basis of Behavior, Sensation, and Perception, Learning and Memory, Motivation and Emotion, Psychological Assessment, Personality, Intelligence, Social Influence, and Group Dynamics, and Developmental Psychology.

CSS Psychology Books PDF Download
  • Nature and Scope of Psychology:  Definition and scope, Psychology as a Science, Perspectives, and Models of Psychology, current Trends.
  • Biological Basis: Nervous System, Neuron system and its function, Central and Peripheral Nervous System.
  • Sensation and Perception:  Sensory process through sense organs, Perception, Gestalt Principles, Illusions, and Extra Sensory Perception, Determinants of Perception.
  • Learning and Memory:  Nature and Forms of Learning, Types of learning, Classical and Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement, Discrimination, Punishment, Observational Learning, Theories of Learning, Process of Memory, Forgetting, Theories of Memory.
  • Motivation and Emotion:  HomeostasisFactors affecting Motivation, Biogenic and Social Motives, Theories of Motivation, Emotions, Types of Emotions, Physiological changes and Emotion, Theories of Emotion.
  • Psychological Evaluation:  Attributes of Psychological Validity, Reliability, Item Assessment, Norms, Selection and Training, Ethical Standards and Legal Issues
  • Personality:  Determinants of Personality, Factors in Development of Personality, Theoretical Perspectives, Traits Cross-Cultural Issues.
  • Intelligence:  Theories of Intelligence, Types of intelligence, Assessing Intelligence
  • Social Influence and Group Dynamics:  Social Facilitation, Obedience, Altruism, Attitudes, Social Norms.
  • Developmental Psychology:  Physical, Social and Emotional Development in Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Old Age.
  • Abnormal and Clinical Psychology:  Concept and causes of Abnormality, Clinical Assessment, and Intervention. Psychological treatment including different Therapeutic techniques.
  • Industrial Psychology:  Leadership styles, Decision making, Organizational Culture, Sexual Harassment, Glass Ceiling, Human-Computer interaction.
  • Health Psychology: Beliefs and Behaviour, Models of Health Psychology, Assessment and Intervention, Role of Social Support.
  • Forensic Psychology:  Psychology and Law, Investigation, Working with Offenders, Drug Addicts, Sex Offenders, etc.

CSS Psychology Book MCQs PDF:

CSS Psychology Book PDF solved MCQs psychological test sample questions and answers for all students of Educators Latest Vacancies Recruitment of entry tests Solved Papers and Guides Public Service Commission Jobs Multiple Choice Questions And Answers PDF Books. All readers of Psychology test students you can download solved Multiple Choice Questions Answers PDF Book with solved psychological test questions.

CSS Psychology Books PDF Download

CSS Psychology Book PDF Online solved MCQs of the test samples with psychology questions and answers list. These psychology questions are also helpful for Interviews with psychological test online. Psychology entry test exam questions and answers with past years important MCQs papers included in this PDF Book. There are many students who want a CSS Psychology book PDF. These Psychology MCQs Books are made easy general knowledge book pdf for free all students entry tests and exam preparations.

How to Prepared Online MCQs?

Every month many jobs declared by Govt. of Pakistan by National Testing Services, in Pakistan other testing services also announced jobs in different categories. Now you can easily be prepared the test of MCQs online. You can download all the past papers and all the content of the CSS Psychology PDF book.

How to Pass Test?

CSS Psychology PDF book conducts the 100 MCQs Question book is given to the applicant also with Answer sheet of that MCQs solving and Marking on it. Each question equal marks. In this test, each question has Four Options and one option will be the correct. The applicant will have to select the correct answer on the answer sheet by filling one of the options by the black pointer only. If you want to pass this test so try to practice this book because practice makes the person perfect.

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CSS Psychology Books PDF Download

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