CSS Muslim Law Books in PDF


CSS Muslim Law Books in PDF is the fateful word  ‘Iqra’ was starting to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over fifteen hundred years ago, Islam has a phenomenon that descended from the major realm. Minimum than fifty tears of its birth, the light had expended to half the globe. It was a religion that sought to publish a remarkably pragmatic system with norms, roles, and laws despite the metaphysical and divine aspersions of its followers. Uniquely, it did not challenge other faiths or claim a monopoly of absolute truth. Yet before long, there were traces of a cleavage- even persecution of co-religionists for interpreting a tradition differently or from holding heterodox beliefs. As the inner dissensions appeared, the reconciliatory spent towards other religions also receded, culminating in historical events like the crusade wars. In the twentieth century, as a threat by liberal and secular forces grew and a torrent of scientific advancement swept the world, resistance pockets of conservative, even extra. A labyrinth where the Muslims sought a reconciliation of ideas past and present as a new vocabulary emerged-the ‘fundamentalist’, the fanatic.

CSS Muslim Law Books in PDF

CSS Muslim Law Books MCQs:

CSS Muslim Law Books MCQs entails at least three methods, learning that is knowledge, understanding of this knowledge. A very better way of gaining these objectives is through careful reading of the text and solving multiple-choice questions. The objective is to give the vast subject in a structured and useful manner so as to familiarize students taking the examinations with the recent trends and type of questions asked in exams. Students who are aspiring to appear in CSS and other law-related exams. Almost all the noteworthy and reasonable questions have been integrated. It is that the book will mete out the purpose of substitutes for a remarkable book available in the market. It is an attempt to give comprehensive coverage to this subject.

Syllabus of CSS Muslim Law Books:

CSS Muslim Law Books Syllabus is available here. In Muslim Law, students will be expected to display in-depth knowledge of basic Muslims. The Sources of Islamic Law, rules of Islamic Jurisprudence, contract and family Law, Islamic Banking Insurance, and Islamic International Law and Human Rights.

CSS Muslim Law Books in PDF

Muslim Law and Jurisprudence CSS Syllabus are given below:

  • The Sources of Islamic Law
  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Criminal Law
  • Islamic Family Law
  • Islamic Law of Contract
  • Islamic Banking and Insurance
  • Islamic International LawIs
  • Islamic Law and Human Rights
  • Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939
  • Muslim Family Ordinance 1961

Prepare the CSS Muslim Law Books:

First of all, students must take all the syllabus for the CSS Exams if you wish to pass it with excellent marks. To make sure the official website of CSS to verify the outline and make a plan. Get past papers related to the books and gather content. CSS Muslim Law Books’ past papers help students to get an idea of attempting the paper, and they can have a perception of the upcoming papers. Read recommended books and make sure you clear all your concepts about this subject.

CSS Muslim Law Books in PDF


  • The student must-have the second division in M.A. / M.Sc. or equivalent degree with the same division.
  • The age of the male student should not be more than 33 years.
  • The age of the female student should not be more than 36 years.
  • The student who is eligible for the special quota can apply for the concerned quota.


The best way of preparing for competitive papers is the detailed study and development of basic concepts. Collect all the content and make a reading plan. Cover all the topics and start cramming the theoretical part of the exam.

Download CSS Muslim Law Books:

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