CSS Journalism and Mass Communication Books in PDF


CSS Journalism and Mass Communication Books in PDF is no denying the fact that the twenty-first century is the age of communication. We are not quite sure how to make good use of the speed with which it is being transmitted. Yet we seek more information and that too at a greater speed, and we want to have the transmitting instruments at our own disposal. What we have discovered in our rush to enter the information age is that our technology has brought us greater accuracy in transmission. We can be expected to be able to get along well with our neighbors. The media makes it possible to bring various types of symbols to the masses.

CSS Journalism and Mass Communication Books in PDF

The Mass Communication study is a major concerned with how communication serves to create influence in human societies. Many efforts have been made to explain all the disciplines of Journalism and Mass Communication. Given the range of topics and issues that had to be covered to make it a meaningful presentation, there is a number of books available in the market on the subject of journalism and mass communication. New books give the basis for competition and the advancement of knowledge. With these views, We have compiled this book on journalism and mass communication the revised scheme and syllabus for C.S.S. Exams.

CSS Syllabus of Journalism and Mass Communication:

CSS Journalism and Mass Communication book syllabus is available here, Students will be expected to display in-depth knowledge of common Journalism and Mass Communication’s concepts, Mass Communication Theories, Global, Communication, Media and Society, Mass Media, Development Support Communication, Public Relations, and Media Laws and Ethics.

CSS Journalism and Mass Communication Books in PDF
  • Global Communication
  • Mass Communication Theories
  • Introduction of Mass Communication
  • Media and Public
  • Mass Media in Pakistan:
  • Development Support Communication
  • Media Laws and Ethics:

Prepare the journalism and Mass Communication:

First of all, students must take all the syllabus for the CSS Exams if you wish to pass it with excellent marks. To make sure the official website of CSS to verify the outline and make a plan. Get past papers related to the books and gather content. CSS journalism and Mass Communication Books’ past papers help students to get an idea of attempting the paper, and they can have a perception of the upcoming papers. Read recommended books and make sure you clear all your concepts about this subject.

CSS Journalism and Mass Communication Books in PDF


  • The student must-have the second division in M.A. / M.Sc. or equivalent degree with the same division.
  • The age of the male student should not be more than 33 years.
  • The age of the female student should not be more than 36 years.
  • The student who is eligible for the special quota can apply for the concerned quota.


  • All according to new CSS Syllabus
  • Major Concepts
  • To the point Study Material
  • MCQs
  • Syllabus Coverage
  • Model Paper
  • Interview Tips
CSS Journalism and Mass Communication Books in PDF

How to Pass Test?

CSS journalism and Mass Communication book conduct the 100 MCQs Question book are given to the applicant also with Answer sheet of that MCQs solving and Marking on it. Each question equal marks. In this test, each question has Four Options and one option will be the correct. The applicant will have to select the correct answer on the answer sheet by filling one of the options by the black pointer only. If you want to pass this test so try to practice this book because practice makes the person perfect.


The best way of preparing for competitive papers is the detailed study and development of basic concepts. Collect all the content and make a reading plan. Cover all the topics and start cramming the theoretical part of the exam.

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