CSS has become an integral part of web design. This CSS Interview Questions blog will prepare you for all sorts of CSS questions that could be asked in an interview. CSS groups mean Central Superior Service is a countrywide competitive exam conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission, Government of Pakistan. The successful Students who qualify through the whole process of this exam are offered government jobs out of different types of service groups. CSS can be a meaningful, tool for the students. CSS conducts the whole procedure of CSS exams. The questions have been divided into three categories namely

  • Easy CSS Interview Questions
  • Intermediate CSS Interview Questions
  • Advanced CSS Interview Questions
CSS Interview Questions

Why was CSS developed?

CSS was developed in 1997 as a way for web developers to define the visual appearance of the web pages that they were creating. It was intended to allow developers to separate the content and structure of a website’s code from the visual design. CSS Developers have been conducted by the current styles of CSS exams with special complete attention on CSS examination. CSS is best to present trusty information in simple language with examples. So students may take the clear concept of everything and understand the information easily.

CSS Departments:

  • Written Examination
  • Medical test
  • Psychological test
  • Viva voce

Exams Detail:

The students has to appears in the following four parts;

  • Written test
  • Medical test
  • Psychological test
  • Viva


  • The whole session depends on psychological and viva voce.
  • firstly a performa is given to solve the questions.
  • The performa contains questions related to a person’s strengths, weaknesses.
  • Approximately 25 questions are present in the performs.
  • which are to be solved within 8-10 minutes.
CSS Interview Questions


  • The interview asks a variety of questions from a student’s introduction to the analytical questions.
  • For preparation read the newspaper daily.
  • While answering the questions of the panel focus on the question first.
  • Then take a few seconds to assimilate the question and formulate a comprehensive answer.
  • Do not answer the questions in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ format.
  • There are always a few questions that students could not answer, so simply drop such questions without losing confidence.
  • Candidate must have a complete grip over his personality.
  • An interview’s time span is usually 30-45 minutes.
  • Usually, 6 to 8 person’ interviews are held in a day.

General Tips:

  • Do not overthink the issues.
  • Drink water to keep yourself calm.
  • Take a comfortable sleep the night before going for the interview.
  • If feeling nervous a day before the interview, do some recreation and watching the movie to normalize the mental level.


  • Be a well read person
  • Time Management
  • Analytical Approach
  • Be a well rounded person
  • Practice

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