CSS Essays on the Industrial Sector of Pakistan mean Central Superior Service is a countrywide competitive exam conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission, Government of Pakistan. The successful Students who qualify through the whole process of this exam are offered government jobs out of different types of service groups. These CSS Essays on the Industrial Sector of Pakistan can be meaningful, a tool for the students. It is especially for the students. These CSS Essays on the Industrial Sector of Pakistan conduct the whole procedure of CSS exams.

What is the Industrial Sector of Pakistan?

Industrial Sector is of most importance for the economic enhancement of every country. It is a historical fact that countries with a strong industrial sector have shown more economic growth and development. Pakistan Industrial Sector is the second-largest sector of the economy. The industrial sector of the economy is one that makes perfect products that can then be utilized in the construction and manufacturing industry. The country has been going through main challenges and problems hitting the industrialization adds growing power crisis.

Industrial sector of pakistan

Types of industries:

These are three types of industries:

  • primary,
  • secondary,
  • tertiary and quaternary.

Primary industry includes getting raw content mining, farming, and fishing. The secondary industry includes manufacturing making cars and steel. Tertiary industries give service teaching and nursing.

How to write CSS essays:

  • Structure of an essays
  • Express the idea of topic
  • Principle of the standard essay
  • Making an outline
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • wide range of vocabulary


1. Selection of Topic

Read question paper attentively. List the topics you can write in your mind. Make rough outlines of this topic and then finalize one topic.

2. Uncommon Topics

There are some common topics in paper, which required advanced knowledge of a particular field and sometimes general understanding of many concepts.


  • All according to topics
  • Give major Concepts
  • To the point Material
  • Major Concepts Of Pakistan Affairs

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