CSS Criminology Books PDF Download is a Crime and criminal proves are the main dynamic problem in contemporary societies. Every society is confronted with differences in crime rates and has to deal with the biggest groups of crime places. Crimes appear in changing pictures in everyday life and criminal process agencies have to find solutions for these societal phenomena. This means that the science of criminology is important not just for scientists and scholars who want to make a common knowledge and understand the causes of crime, but policymakers and practitioners.

CSS Criminology Books PDF Download

Criminology is a discipline spans both common and applied research questions, and criminology has been enriched by its ability to both give scientific knowledge to practice and to raise critical questions about the main principles and effects of policy and practice. There is an international community of active methods of criminological knowledge in every continent at universities, research institutes, and governmental offices. The globalization of criminological knowledge has made the dissemination of criminological research and theory to all parts of the world.

CSS Criminology book Pdf Syllabus:

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  1. Introduction: To know the main concepts used in understanding crime, criminality.
  2. Understanding Criminology: Definition and meaning and scope of criminology, Criminology, and criminal law.
  3. Crime and Criminal: Criminals, Habitual criminals, Professional criminals, Organized crime.
  4. Crime and Criminality: Explanation of criminal behavior Classical School Positivist School
    • Social Disorganization theory
    • Strain theory
    • Social Control theory
    • Learning theory
    • Labeling Theory
  5. Islamic perspective
  6. Juvenile Delinquency: Meaning, definitions of the offender, Official statistics of juvenile delinquency.Role of police
  • Juvenile court method
  • pretrial, trial
  • Role of the prosecutor, defense counsel, probation officer

7. The Criminal Justice System:

  • Police
  • Conviction of Offenders
  • Agencies
  • Criminal courts
  • Role of prosecutors
  • Prisons, Probation

8. Punitive: Corporal punishment, Imprisonment

9. Criminal Investigation: Principles of the criminal investigation, Manual of the preliminary investigation, Intelligence operations,

10. Techniques of Investigations: Gathering information from persons, Interviewing and Criminal investigation analysis,

11. Legal Investigators: Stop the operations, Arrest process, Search and seizure.

CSS Criminology Books PDF Download

12: Modern Concepts in Contemporary Criminology:

  • Terrorism, Radicalism
  • Media’s Representation of Crime
  • Crime Prevention
  • Intelligence
  • Community
  • Private-Public
  • Crime in Urban and Rural
  • Crime and Urbanization,
  • Human Rights Abuses and the role of civil society and NGOs
  • Money-laundering
  • Cyber Crime
  • Role of NAB

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CSS Criminology Books PDF Download


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CSS Criminology Books PDF Download

CSS Criminology Books PDF Download:

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